sábado, 6 de junho de 2009

Discovering Michael Wesch, the Digital Ethnography Working Group, and a drop more about 2.0

It's a brave new world. And it's such a huge amount of good ideas and information that I better don't try to explain much, but only link, recommend, and comment on my standing on it. As so many people, yes, I had already seen the famous video "The machine is us/ing us" (4:33 - here's a chance to see it if you are not among the 10+ million - by June, 2009 - who did):

What I didn't know is that its author is a professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University named Michael Wesch, who has a group called the Digital Ethnography Working Group. These guys are really into this Web 2.0 thing. If you are so much into it too, you should watch this 55:33 (I'm warning...) video from Dr. Wesch's speech at the Library of Congress in June 23, 2008 (An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube):

As to my standing on the subject, let me just say that I've arrived at those videos from a tweet of a former student (@savi). Unlike Obama ;) (who follows and is followed by millions), I'm only following a few dozen people on twitter so I can occasionally learn something from them (I mean individually; of course Obama learns from the millions ;).

Another thing I didn't know is that Dr. Wesch received the U.S. Professor of the Year award. In this beautiful short speech (8:05 with an introduction from a student) he says things about the role of a professor that makes me recommend watching it:

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