sábado, 23 de maio de 2009

Mike's 'Goodbye, stranger' video gift for us at Instituto Stela

What a superb gift and what a great musical taste. Canadian Mike McNulty stayed with us at Instituto Stela for 6 months as an intern through the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). Mike worked closely with business leaders at Stela toward Sustainability Intelligence software using our technology. He also taught us important things about Canadians - for instance, that they do not live in iglus :). His presentations in our short Show & Tell sessions attracted big audiences both live and in SlideShare.

We 'stelars' appreciated very much this goodbye gift with the Supertramp soundtrack 'Goodbye stranger'. Thanks, Mike! You are a great person and I hope we keep in touch and meet again lots of times. Mike is back to his home in Ottawa. See the video in his blog or here:

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  1. Dear Vinicius, thanks for all the kind words. My video of Stela was as much a "Thank You" as a goodbye. You all showed my such a good time and gave me a great respect for the organization and Brazil. I can't wait to return. Don't think that Brazil has a monopoly on political corruption. Ottawa's mayor and a former Prime Minister are both currently on trial for separate charges.
    Some things are universal :P
    Take care!